The Ride for a Friend organizers and hard working volunteers would like to introduce you to the Leuschen family of Sudbury.


The Leuschen family consists of mom Christa, Dad Corey and three children, Raina (7), Liam (5) and Grayson (4). All three children in the Leuschen family are special needs and have multiple diagnoses. All have been diagnosed with level 3 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Global Developmental Delay (GDD), language impairment as well as genetic and neurological abnormalities. Raina has some gross motor concerns, and requires AFO’s and physiotherapy due to toe walking. Liam has an additional diagnosis of focal epilepsy, and FOX p1 disorder. The children also have a variety of behavioural challenges including PICA (eating non-edible objects), elopement (running away), destructive and self-injurious behaviours. The Leuschen parents have needed to augment and modify their home to ensure the comfort and safety of their children. The family has to continually adapt as the children age and grow. Corey is very dedicated to his family and his employment at a local hardware store. Due to the high needs of the children, Christa stays at home to care for them, manage ongoing appointments and implement specialist recommendations.

As the cost of living continues to rise, and with only Corey being able to work, trying to secure any additional support such as respite and/or therapy has become increasingly challenging, as well as a full time job for mom. The Leuschen children require one-on-one assistance in the home, community, school and daycare in order to ensure their safety. Additionally, all three children are incontinent and non-verbal, making it challenging to obtain and retain consistent respite support. Even though all three children were diagnosed with ASD at an early age, the family is still waiting on OAP funding to provide behavioural therapy. The ASD diagnostic team recommended 30+ hours of behavioural therapy, a week, per child. As a low-income family, private behavioural therapy is not an option without additional funding.

In order to participate within the community and to take part in family activities, the Leuschen’s require respite workers to ensure the safety and inclusion of the children. Raina loves outings, playing in the water and getting her nails done. Liam is a very active boy, loves sensory activities and to be outside. The youngest Leuschen, Grayson, enjoys cuddles, water play and sensory activities. The family loves to explore science centres such as Science North and Ripley's Aquarium due to their accepting and accommodating atmosphere. Stars and Strollers at Cineplex theaters has been a family favourite with their sensory friendly modifications. It is the Leuschen family’s wish to go on an out of town family vacation together. Due to the children’s high needs, respite is a constant necessary expense and would be required throughout the duration of a vacation.

Help us help this family with just some of the assistance and support they need. The Leuschen family would like to extend their gratitude in advance for your time and engagement.