The Ride for a Friend organizers and hard working volunteers would like to introduce you to The Watsons, specifically Scott and Ian!Watsons

Scott and Ian are 17-year-old twins. They were born at 30 weeks gestation weighing a little over 2 pounds each. As a result of being born so early the boys have several diagnoses. They are completely wheelchair dependent and suffer a seizure disorder, quadriplegic cerebral palsy, deaf blindness, non-verbal, and are completely g-tube fed. That being said they capture the hearts of everyone who meets them with their smiles and positive attitude.

Over the last few years they each have had several surgeries and have had to travel frequently to Toronto, often having to stay a while to see several specialists at Sick kids. Ian recently had to have spinal fusion surgery, which we’re thankful to report went very well.

The Watsons are a very active family and they love to spend time outdoors. This is especially important to Scott and Ian. Their biggest challenges revolve around mobility issues, especially in their home. Although they have spent a considerable amount of money to make their home accessible and usable for both Scott and Ian, they have fallen short with regards to a pathway and driveway. They have incorporated a ramp system along the driveway to accommodate wheelchair access; however the driveway is not hard surfaced to allow freedom of mobility for the boys to access the back yard and handi-transit services. With the boys soon turning 18, they’ll soon be men, and it is surprisingly challenging to maneuver their chairs on uneven or rough surfaces. If the Watsons could get their driveway paved or something similar it would allow easier access for Scott and Ian as well as the support workers that are required to visit their home, and would also allow for easier maintenance throughout the year.

We hope you’ll join us again this year, or for the first time, to help support a local family. Of course we expect to have a great time doing it!